How is online poker different from live poker? Get poker script online here.

First of all, as a player you have to understand the meaning of both types. In terms of game logic and rules both are copy to each other. The core difference is just the accessibility. You can take poker script online form us with lifetime support.

Online poker, where we host and play games over the internet via Mobile Apps (iOS, Android), Browser and game clients (Mac, Windows, Linux etc.). Everything here is virtual that’s why some game analyst treat this in video game category.

Live poker, categorised as more likely to be a sports where all players sit under one roof over a poker table. Everything here is real with a better social settings, fun and activities.

Although both are essentially same game, online poker and live poker shows quite difference in number of ways.

Hands per hour, live Poker is slower.

This the advantage of technology, live poker is much slower than online player. In live poker you are forced to play on single table and it’s also very difficult (Unethical) to play out. Survey shows you can only get approx. 30 hands per hour with live poker in compare to online poker where you can get approx. 80-90 hands per hour very easily. Fewer hands means more folds, less activities and less fun. Let’s talk further, pokerscript will help with poker script online. Share your request via our contact from. Team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Live poker gives real touch within player community.

Playing poker either online or offline, you must have one and only goal: either make your opponent fold before showdown or have best hands at showdown. In live poker you can observe the opponents habits and even you can try to predict their next moves. Obviously, a different experience what you cannot do in online poker.

Online Poker is more Aggressive in nature.

As a player you will feel that fact that online players are more pro-active and quick responders in compare to Liver poker table players. The funny part for online poker is, players bluff more and act as value – bet thinner.

Money is important for online poker players.

Good and hardworking players often choose to go for Online Poker tables. It is more convenient as there is no need to travel or spent time in a casino. Online Poker target audience is the younger generation who use their spare time and can play form home too.

Online poker offers more tables variety.

In a live casino it’s very difficult to find different poker game types. It is very easy to choose games as per your choice from the pool of games, even you can get the games with blinds of $0.05/$0.10 or even lower or tournaments with lower buy-ins of just $1 too. You can choose whether you want to play cash game, tournaments or even to play Full ring (9-10 Players), Short – Handed ( Max 6 players) and heads-up ( only 2 players).

Easy to take part in Tournaments.

In our busy life, we as a player do not want to waste our precious time to go offline and find information about the liver poker tournaments. May be you can get some SMS or email from your regular casino (If you are a member) to join a tournament. On the other hand in online poker you can just choose your right tournament just in few clicks. With our ready poker scripts online it is very easy to operate different types of tournament directly from dashboard.

  • To bust one tournament and just fire up the next one.
  • To rebuys or re-entries

So, what is going into your mind? Live poker or online poker. If you are starting your career as poker player, then I would request you to start online poker first. It will give you more relaxed feeling as you are playing virtually and you have all controls in your hands.

Ultimately, it also depends which one suites you the best. You must choose a mode where you are making more money. Fun is also an important aspect and there must be balance in money and entertainment both.

Poker script believes to go for Online Pokers as we promote more flexibility, easy to learn options, easy entry for beginners as well as player’s personal choice too. Enquire about your poker script online and team will be with you for any kind of assistance.