What Factors you must consider before Buy Poker Script online?

Now a days, planning for poker business is the hot buzzing topic. There are too many ready scripts/codes you can find on internet. You will find that very few of them are real and can handle the real business. Here are some points you can take care before you buy poker script.

What is the buy poker script?

A process to take the poker game source code from a poker development company. In buy poker script the developer will transfer the full ownership of code for commercial use. Good fit for making your own casino brand. Are you looking to acquire a poker script? Talk to Pokerscript team for better deal.

What is my objective? Get a classic ready stable solution or so called advance solution with lots of complicated screens to confuse your players.

"Every poker player wants a simple, user friendly UI where they can see the hands and other players table activities. We suggest you to start your business with Standard Poker Features . Keep add-ons for later phases and present your players as new updates. If you look at current successful poker game company’s history, they did the same.

Being a new Game Entrepreneur you must have a basic question, why you should for ready available option to buy poker script?

  • First, It needs less investment means lesser risk for your start-up.
  • You will have opportunity to test about the game stability and scalability.
  • It will go live in few days only.
Is this solution ready for next 5-7 years at least?

This is very crucial aspect you have to take care. Now a days, there is a flood of ready poker scripts, based on out dated technical stacks. Only saying HTML 5 or PWA is not the sign of an updated code. HTML 5 works on front side only. Make sure Server Code is also on the latest programming language. -Do not accept code based on PHP or any older version of technology. It can only work for demo but cannot handle the real time concurrent players. -Make sure it works for major platforms like iOS, Android phones as well as for browsers (Desktop and Mobile both).

Is there any third party involvement to run this solution?

Poker is not a simple solution. Do not take it light and compare with a simple software or a Website or like an App. In Poker Game, there is real-time data transfer from one user screen to another screen. There are many ways to handle this.

A) - Use any third party service like Photon Server, Redfox or any other. These are paid service. Using these means you have to pay them to run your business. If anything goes wrong with them you have to shut your business.

B) - In-built program to manage the real time data transfer. Now a days its 100% possible to handle lots of users using the Open-source code for this objective. It will save your operation cost approx. 80% than using a third party paid service.

Almost 98% poker game software provider does not talk about this or not share such details. We suggest you to do some research on it and take all information before making your decision before you buy poker script.

What about RNG (Random number Generator) compatibility?

A poker game solution must be based on an unbiased RNG algorithm. A RNG certified Poker game ensures that there is no cheating or manipulation going on. It increase the credibility of your platform. Take care of it as 92% of ready for sale poker scripts are not aware about it or thy do not have any compatibility. Why to buy poker script without RNG?

  • Take Certification for your own business name and get the RNG code implemented in the deal.
  • Use a reliable third-party certificate provider. They will give you a JavaScript code snippet for verification.
What are the Hidden/Operational cost to run this business?

This objective will define your profit. Choose a poker script which needs lowest operational cost and zero hidden fee. Ask your provider about and request a list of services what you have to pay further beyond the script price. Some of the service are mentioned here:

  • Hosting Service (Fair to pay)
  • SMS for Verifications (Fair to pay)
  • Third party Game Engine like Photon, Redfox. (Do not take a solution if you have to pay for this)

Many poker script providers say that as a game owner we have to pay for operational cost. This is right in certain limit. As per our view, paying unnecessary fee (Third party game Engine) is not a wise decision. There is a way to save that for sure which will be very good for start-ups. So why to buy poker script which demands more recurring investment?

Are you getting non encrypted Source Files?

Finally, you decided to buy poker script. Now, it’s time to evaluate what you are getting in exchange of your investment.

  • Will you get the full source code which is editable? Or encrypted raw files.
  • Are you getting just an API modelled delivery?
  • (In this they will either point game to your domain keeping all code on their own server or they just integrate on your domain/website via iframe.)

If they offer API or Encrypted code files, do not pay them as they are not giving you anything. This is like a rental option but they pretend that you own the code. We never recommend. Let me explain:

  • They will get access of all of your players. They can move them to other portals. You will lose recurring profit as well as marketing investment.
  • You will not get optimum performance of your server as most providers use pool sharing of their games, that results game lags which may irritate your players.
  • We suggest to buy poker script with all open to edit source files with well documentation in your deliverables.

Poker Script offers high standard poker code that ensures more independency, less operational recurring cost as well as genuine code ownership. Poker script team trust on building long-term relationships based on transparency and knowledge sharing. It’s not just related to new entrepreneurs, anyone can come for discussion with their queries. We as a poker app development team are happy to clear all of them which may lead you to a successful game portal owner in future.